Just Remember Kids!

"The Creatures of the warp have but one trait with which you need concern yourself--their undying contempt for the Emperor.  It is your task to quell the rebellion they preach and the only sure way is to destroy them utterly."

attributed to Qualtak Shoran, Inquisitor

(taken from The Warhammer 40k Compilation)





Monstro Says:

"Fear your tools.  They were designed to vaporize styrofoam, grind wood, and cut sheet metal.  Keep a good healthy respect of anything that buzzes, whines, whirs, or has "teeth."  Such caution will prevent you from being called "Old One Thumb" for the rest of your days."





Where am I?

Well...I guess you're here.  If you've come here from my old site.  Hertzliche Wilkommen.  Ich heisse Monstro.  That's not my real name, but I hardly see that something like that's important.  What's important is that I design, create, manufacture, play with, and otherwise become dangerously intimate with the ins and outs of miniaturized wargame scenery.  I'm a frickin Dremmel Junkie.  If you're here, it's probably because you want to buy scenery or you want some of good ol' Monstro's secrets from the bottoms of the bit bin ocean.  Or you have a penchant for Pinocchio and you entered Monstro into a search engine and...well...here you are.  If any of this sounds familiar, then hello.  I am Monstro, I make scenery for 28mm wargames...mostly Warhammer 40k.


Great!  So Now What Do I Do?

Good Question.  I have attempted to divide my site up into basically three major areas.  If you are looking to buy stuff, the top of that column to your left is your best friend.  If you want to peruse what I have to say about 40k, the game, the list of stuff just below that is where you want to point your...pointer.  Note:  If you want to comment on my blog, go ahead.  I invite and appreciate commentary on any part of my site.  If on the other hand, you are a sick individual, then man, have you come to the right place.  I, like you, refuse to throw anything away.  There's help, it's in the last bar on the column to your left. 


This Is Really Awesome

....or perhaps this really sucks.  Either way, I'm cool.  I can take criticism.  At the bottom of all my pages is a way to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments.  I'm always happy to hear from fellow 40k players.  For those inclined towards longer commentary, try the guest book.





And what's all this about then?

Some stuff just doesn't fit in with everything else. I've been playing for nearly twenty years. That's a lot of stuff to have to put on a web site. Plus, there's just plain old website stuff. Every site has to have a FAQ. It's the law!






Recent Updates

  • Links That Really Work!!:  Seriously though, I got tired of my site's setup so I kind of broke it so as to put up all new stuff.  Have a look around.  You'll see what I mean












Special Thanks to Hirst Arts for the molds and Grsites.com for all the web art


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